Thursday, May 31, 2007

Charlie loves me

Look at her favorite spot!

Another day...

Yes, I am a slave to my scale. I admit it! I weigh nearly every morning. Some say not to do that, I am in the other crowd. I feel that is the best way to see how my daily food choices affect me. I can see right away how not drinking enough water or eating too much pasta affects my body. This morning I weighed again, as usual. Could you hear me holler in Germany, D? 189.6 baby! I have officially broken thru the 190s! Now I am fairly certain the S'mores I plan to eat Saturday night will change things a bit, but for now I am ecstatic! If I can get it down a little more before then, well I may not change as much.

Anyway, back to other things!

Last night I made the sausage and peppers for dinner. It really was delicious! Would have been even better with rice, so we'll do that next time. All I did was grill the sausages (Italian) and then "submerge" them in my baking dish full of chunked red and green pepper, onion, and a large can of diced tomatoes seasoned with fresh oregano and basil. Heck, I even forgot the garlic! Needless to say, it was very good eats along with broccoli! Unfortunately the picture looks terrible, so I'll not post it this time.
Lunch yesterday was not what I had planned. I had to go it to work and didn't bring the leftover veggies with me. Joe forgot my soup, so all I ate was a small bag of apple slices. My breakfast was eaten pretty late tho, so I really wasn't overly hungry until dinner.
For my snack last night, I ate some mixed nuts, the leftover sweet potatoes with a little FF sourcream, and some grapes. Sounds like a lot, but really it wasn't.
So I am starting today as every other day, omelet with 2 cups veggies, ham, and cheese. Not sure what lunch will be. Dinner tonight is grilled shrimp- probably with a cajun seasoning- and green beans or cauliflower.

Last night we went out to look at the garden. Our second planting of carrots is up, as are the second radishes. We pulled several of the first radishes and will be taking them Saturday. I have blossoms all over my tomato plants, some even have a few mini fruits. I am curious to see what the "Red October" tomatoes look like since their blossoms are double! My broccoli plants are all leaf and no veg yet, trying to figure that out. I have one blossom on one of my eggplants, and the cukes are getting bigger (have two that are about 7 inches now, tho they will get up closer to 16 inches long and about 8 inches around!) as well as the zucchini plants. My early butternut squash plants are getting very bushy, and I saw some pre-blossoms. The cantaloupe plants are finally growing too! This year I am even trying artichokes! They had one at a greenhouse we went to, and the lady said they were very tasty. They are not suposed to be tolerant of winters this far north, but she said if I can have several other annuals come back year after year then these definitely have a shot! My one plant (all they had left) is getting very big, I am ready for it to send up a stalk. Also my sweet potatoes are looking quite happy in the spopt Joe planted them. Looking forward to those this fall! The onions are actually growing this year, we have never had them do this weel. Come fall I will have tons of sweet yellow onions! All in all, this year's garden seems very happy so I anticipate a very good haul! Wish all of you were closer so we could share in it.

Off to make a million phone calls. The big bossman has me calling about 200 people to remind them about the convention this July, and we aren't even going! I would love to see New Orleans...

Have a great day, all!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Guess it's working, eh?

Well, here is my food from yesterday (if you are looking for inspiration, Kate!)-
breakfast was the usual omelet with 2 cups of veggies
lunch was the leftover pork fajita stuff with beans
dinner was that steak meal (soooo good!)
and for a snack Joe and I split a huge apple and lots of grapes.
Today is looking like this-
breakfast is the ever-present omelet
lunch is leftover veggies from last night
dinner is sausage and peppers and probably broccoli!

Kitties are feeling much better. they are rumbling like they always have, and amazingly can still jump into the windows! Max is sleeping at my feet and the moment, charlie is desperately trying to wake him up to play. So cute!

So far we're still planning the campout this weekend. Has rained the last few days tho, so I wonder how wet the ground will be? Sam said yesterday, "If it rains, we can just stay in the tent!" I don't think so! I did buy the last of the supplies yesterday, and true to my nature began packing too. Compulsion, anyone? Hey, at least we won't forget something or be unprepared! Sometimes it's GOOD to be a planning fool.

Better get to work! Ciao!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tonight's dinner and a kitty update...

Thought I'd go ahead and post this before I forget. Tonight we had grilled ribeyes with roasted sweet potatoes, grilled broccolini, and buttered cauliflower. All went well with a nice glass of cab!
Also, kitties are home. We feel so sad that they are hurting tonight, but know they will feel better tomorrow. Poor Charlie! She ventured upstairs but had obviously tuckered herself out in the process so laid down as soon as she got to the top. When Joe got home she rolled back to see him and rolled/slid down the stairs! She is better now, no harm done. Both babies are enclosed in their room for tonight, we will see them out tomorrow. Both are so pooped anyway, it's probably best to avoid Sam for awhile- he's much too playful with them!
Good night!

Feeling better already...

Well, I did forget to photo last night's dinner! We ate late and by the time everything was at the table we were all pretty dang hungry! I can tell you this tho- it was fabulous! I seasoned the chops with a mix of salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, and chipotle powder and then grilled them to 145 degrees and let them sit 10 minutes while I grilled the veggies. Three huge chops left plenty for lunch today and some to freeze for later! I ate a huge mound of beans with it, along with lots of grilled veggies. Sadly, later in the evening I got the munchies and ate one of those cheesecake cups, a frozen coconut bar (too good, can't buy those again!). and some peanuts. Only one of those snacks wasn't good for me, so I think I did okay. ;)

Breakfast this morning was the usual omelet with 2 cups of veggies, and lunch will be the leftovers from last night. Tonight's dinner will be pretty simple- steak, roasted sweet potato, and probably green beans or broccoli. I go shopping today so I should be able to stock up on fruit to snack on.

These are our new kitties, for those of you who haven't seen them yet. The orange tabby is Max, the black-and-white is his sister Charlie (she was supposed to be a boy!). Our kitties are at the vet today getting declawed (don't hate me, we just think it's best) and Max is getting neutered. The house is so quiet without them today!

Today is also the first "official" day of Sam's summer vacation. The first shopping trip with him in the summer is always a task, so I am very happy he will have a book to read! We have so much to buy this week with the camping trip coming up Saturday, it could be a LONG afternoon! Last year it took until nearly the end of summer to realize that taking a book would be wise, not this year! I bought him tons of books at the library book sale last month so he's well stocked.

I am beginning to get very excited about this camping trip Saturday! Granted we will be with a bunch of people we don't normally socialize with (it's a bunch of boys and their families from Sam's cubscout pack), but this is also the first time Joe and I have been since around our second anniversary! I grew up camping, so I love it. He on the other hand is NOT a big camper. With all that hair and such, he gets testy if he doesn't get a shower within 10 minutes of waking. The place the scoutmaster chose is at a state fishing lake and there are newer bathroom facilities near the camping site. I'm excited that there will be other boys there to play and fish with so Sam won't get too bored. I just missed camping, so this will be nice (unless there are some bad campers next to us like last time!). I will take lots of pictures! It's okay to have a S'more, right? ;)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Better Health Thru Better Eating...

I am trying to get back into blogging my meals, but have not been terribly motivated lately. Well with a comment from my dear hubby yesterday, I decided to start using this space not only for my recipes but also to become more accountable. No, he did not say, "Hey, your butt's looking a bit big today!" or anything of that sort. He is having a hard time jumping back into proper eating habits, as am I. This will be an exercise for both of us to see exactly what we are doing wrong and right and what we can do to help eachother and ourselves.

This is our meal from last night. It represents what we need to eat for the next week or so to get back on track. I grilled strip steaks and topped them with a bruscetta tomato topping, and served them with buttery carrots and garlicky baby beans. It was a delicious meal, paired nicely with a new cab we tried- a Redwood cab. We are going to strive for no grains at dinner this week- at least until Saturday when we go camping... This will be tough, but we both feel a "purge" is neccessary.
Meals yesterday went like this-
Breakfast was two eggs OM and four small PB chocolate chip waffles (wow, these really did taste like a Reese's!) with a little SF syrup
Lunch was an open-faced ham and tomato sandwich with meunster under the broiler
Dinner of course was the steak and veggies
Dessert was a little cheesecake cup I had made and frozen- a mix of LF cream cheese, SF vanilla pudding, milk, and FF CoolWhip. I also ate a small piece of mint-infused dark chocolate!
Today I started out with my usual "western" omelet- one shrooms short as Joe had made himself some scrambled eggs before I woke up! Not sure about lunch, I had salad stuff in the fridge so should prpbably have that! Dinner tonight should be "fajita" pork chops- thick boneless chops with sauteed onion, shroom, and green pepper- along with refried beans (Sam's fave!) and cheese. I will try to remember to photo that!
Well, off to the store for the veggies for tonight! Enjoy the day off!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pancakes 4-ways!

I bought the new King Arthur Whole Grain Cookbook recently and love it! This is the recipe for the Homemade Whole Grain Pancake Mix. It makes a ton, which is good because we thought this was fabulous! I made these four ways- Sam likes chocolate chips, Joe likes walnuts, and I like blueberries. That left some batter plain, and those were just as delicious!

Homemade Whole Grain Pancake Mix

3 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats, ground not quite to a powder

4 cups white whole wheat flour

1 cup unbleached flour (I used whole wheat pastry flour)

3 tbsp sugar (I used 8 packets Stevia Plus)

3 tbsp baking powder

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp baking soda

3/4 cup vegetable oil

Mix everything in the bowl of a large mixer. With paddle attachment running on low, drizzle the oil in and blend thoroughly. When all the oil has been added, stop the mixer and test the mix. Squeeze a clump of it in your hands- if it holds together it is perfect, if not add in another tablespoon at a time until it's right. Store indefinitely in the freezer.

To make pancakes-

Combine 1 cup mix with 1 cup buttermilk (or 1/2 cup milk/soy milk and 1/2 cup plain yogurt, which is what I did), 1 tbsp orange juice (I didn't have any, so I used another tbsp soy milk), and 1 egg. It will seem thin at first, let it sit 15 minutes and it thickens. Cook pancakes as usual, turning when the edges begin to turn from glossy to matte.