Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Guess it's working, eh?

Well, here is my food from yesterday (if you are looking for inspiration, Kate!)-
breakfast was the usual omelet with 2 cups of veggies
lunch was the leftover pork fajita stuff with beans
dinner was that steak meal (soooo good!)
and for a snack Joe and I split a huge apple and lots of grapes.
Today is looking like this-
breakfast is the ever-present omelet
lunch is leftover veggies from last night
dinner is sausage and peppers and probably broccoli!

Kitties are feeling much better. they are rumbling like they always have, and amazingly can still jump into the windows! Max is sleeping at my feet and the moment, charlie is desperately trying to wake him up to play. So cute!

So far we're still planning the campout this weekend. Has rained the last few days tho, so I wonder how wet the ground will be? Sam said yesterday, "If it rains, we can just stay in the tent!" I don't think so! I did buy the last of the supplies yesterday, and true to my nature began packing too. Compulsion, anyone? Hey, at least we won't forget something or be unprepared! Sometimes it's GOOD to be a planning fool.

Better get to work! Ciao!