Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rangoon, Wraps, and Relaxation

I made those wraps Friday night- not quite the same, but pretty close! I also fried some Crab Rangoon to have with it. Yeah, I said FRIED! They were soooooo good too!

P.F. Chang'S Soothing Chicken Lettuce Wraps
8 dried shiitake mushrooms
1 ts arrowroot
2 ts dry sherry
2 ts water
1 ts soy sauce
salt and pepper
1 1/2 lb boneless, skinless chicken, ground
5 tb oil
1 tsp fresh minced ginger
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 green onions, minced
2 sm dried chilis, (optional)
1/2 of an 8oz can bamboo shoots, minced
1/2 of an 8 oz can water chestnuts, minced
1/6 of a package cellophane chinese rice noodles, prepared according to instructions in pkg
Cooking sauce:
1 tb hoisin sauce
1 tb soy sauce
1 tb dry sherry
2 tb oyster sauce
2 tb water
1 tsp. sesame oil
1 tsp. sugar
2 tsp. arrowroot
Iceberg lettuce 'cups' leaves (I used butterhead leaves)
Cover mushrooms with boiling water, let stand 30 minutes then drain. Cut and discard woody stems. Mince the mushrooms. Set aside. Mix all ingredients for cooking sauce in bowl, and set aside. In medium bowl, combine arrowroot, sherry water, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and chicken. Stir to coat chicken thoroughly. Stir in 1 tsp. oil and let sit 15 minutes to marinate. Heat wok or large skillet over medium high heat. Add 3 Tbsp oil, then add chicken and stir fry for about 3-4 minutes. Set aside. Add 2 Tbsp oil to pan. Add ginger, garlic, chilies(if desired), and onion; stir fry about a minute or so. Add mushrooms, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts; stir fry an additional 2 minutes. Return chicken to pan. Add mixed cooking sauce to pan. Cook until thickened and hot. Break cooked cellophane noodles into small pieces, and cover bottom of serving dish with them. Then pour chicken mixture on top of noodles. Spoon into lettuce leaf and Roll.

Crab Rangoon
3.25oz package of crab meat
8oz lite cream cheese
1 tsp sesame oil
salt & pepper
1/2 tsp each garlic and onion powder
1/2 package wonton skins
Mix everything but the skins together and chill. Wet two sides of a skin and put 1/2 a tbalespoon of filling in the middle. Fold in half to form a triangle, then bring in the two bottom tips together and seal with water. I put these on a plate with arrowroot to keep them from sticking together. When all are made, heat and inch of canola oil in a pan and fry four at a time until browned. I cooked them most of the way, then finished them in the oven.

Well Saturday we did NOTHING! We went to the movies and out to dinner last night. It was relaxing day at our house, no work was done other than watering the garden and picking more veggies. I got three more cukes (two I gave to the neighbor and she nearly fainted at the sight!), another big eggplant, four smaller ones, a zuke, and we picked all of the first-batch carrots. Here's the haul for yesterday-

Today, we WORK! After breakfast and coffee, we will go into the guest room and not come out for hours.