Monday, May 28, 2007

Better Health Thru Better Eating...

I am trying to get back into blogging my meals, but have not been terribly motivated lately. Well with a comment from my dear hubby yesterday, I decided to start using this space not only for my recipes but also to become more accountable. No, he did not say, "Hey, your butt's looking a bit big today!" or anything of that sort. He is having a hard time jumping back into proper eating habits, as am I. This will be an exercise for both of us to see exactly what we are doing wrong and right and what we can do to help eachother and ourselves.

This is our meal from last night. It represents what we need to eat for the next week or so to get back on track. I grilled strip steaks and topped them with a bruscetta tomato topping, and served them with buttery carrots and garlicky baby beans. It was a delicious meal, paired nicely with a new cab we tried- a Redwood cab. We are going to strive for no grains at dinner this week- at least until Saturday when we go camping... This will be tough, but we both feel a "purge" is neccessary.
Meals yesterday went like this-
Breakfast was two eggs OM and four small PB chocolate chip waffles (wow, these really did taste like a Reese's!) with a little SF syrup
Lunch was an open-faced ham and tomato sandwich with meunster under the broiler
Dinner of course was the steak and veggies
Dessert was a little cheesecake cup I had made and frozen- a mix of LF cream cheese, SF vanilla pudding, milk, and FF CoolWhip. I also ate a small piece of mint-infused dark chocolate!
Today I started out with my usual "western" omelet- one shrooms short as Joe had made himself some scrambled eggs before I woke up! Not sure about lunch, I had salad stuff in the fridge so should prpbably have that! Dinner tonight should be "fajita" pork chops- thick boneless chops with sauteed onion, shroom, and green pepper- along with refried beans (Sam's fave!) and cheese. I will try to remember to photo that!
Well, off to the store for the veggies for tonight! Enjoy the day off!