Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday is DATE NIGHT!

Well I wasn't as perfect yesterday as I had hoped. I didn't have a salad for lunch but had a Seafood & Crab sub on wheat instead. It was fabulous and I enjoyed every bite! I even exercised when we got home- did 30 minutes! Last night we did have the gouda stuffed chicken and I wrapped each breast in proscuitto- very good but a tad salty. Next time I'll choose a less salty cheese. We had green beans instead of broccoli and Joe brought home a bottle of pinot noir... Yummmmm!
This morning for breakfast I made spelt biscuits to have with our eggs and sausage. We came home and Joe and Sam started working on Sam's pinewood derby 'car' while I did 35 minutes on the elliptical. I never got around to lunch, but really have not been hungry at all. Tonight we're having mexican, so it probably won't hurt top have missed lunch!
We went into town to recycle and after went shopping. I bought new running shoes to wear while exercising. I also got two new shirts and a pair of pants. I wanted something new to wear on our DATE tonight!
Joe and I are going out with friends Bea and Dave tonight for dinner and then maybe to their house after for cocktails. We never get to go out, so lately have been trying to plan a date night- whether it be a double date or just us. We went out two weeks ago and I would love to make this a routine! So today I bought a new pair of nice pants and a new shirt to wear tonight, Joe even bought a new shirt. Funny how the simple things make you happy in old-age, eh? HAHA!
Here's to a great Saturday night! How sad we've found a sitter we like (as does Sam) and we're going to move...