Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday at last!!!

Well I made it thru the week. Yes, there was doubt after the long weekend but I made it!
As I said, when we got home our garden was 'a-overflowin'. It hasn't slowed down either! I got another melon Tuesday, and two more yesterday. I used the one from Tuesday to try a new ice cream from my Ben&Jerry's book- Cantaloupe. It's ok, nothing spectacular. I think that's my fault tho- I was a bit afraid so I only used half the melon instead of all of it. The only problem with the ice cream is that it's pretty light on flavor. I bet with some strawberries it would make an excellent milkshake!
I also have an abundance of tomatoes and peppers. Our little yellow/pink toms we've been slicing and eating nearly ever night were SUPPOSED to have been 'Green Zebra' toms, and we've had another switch with some peppers. We thought we were buying 'Big Chilis' which are bigger than jalapenos and great for stuffing. Apparently what we actually got were something like a serrano- same length as a jalapeno but skinny and REALLY hot! Since the salsa I make every year tends to be on the mild side, I made hot stuff this time with a bunch of those peppers. Man, I gotta say it's the best canned salsa I have ever made! Not hot enough to make you wish you were never born, but just hot enough to remind you to grab a beer. Good stuff, especially with some goat cheese mixed in and the Veggie Chips we bought at Wild Oats! I got three and a half pints and two big quarts. Yummy!!
My slicer toms are going nutso out there. I have an entire countertop covered with them, trying to give them to everyone I know. Hope Dad and Suzy want some when they come!
They should be here tonight for dinner. They are coming to help us tile the guest floor and finish up any loose ends. If we don't wear ourselves out tomorrow, we're all going to see "Gilligan's Island: the Musical"! That's the last summer theater play, and it sounds like fun.
I have managed to get myself back down to 188.2 from the weekend's daliances. I'm sure it won't be that good on Monday, but if I can manage to drink all of my water I might be ok. Joe even got past the elusive 200 for the first time since the beginning of the year! I think when school starts things will get better, at least for me. It's very hard to exercise right now. (It doesn't help that the "Beast" is hidden amongst everything from the guest room closet!)
Well, one quart of water down, two more to go. I'm off to the liquor store for vino, beer, and tequila! I bought some of the Zilch stuff (it mixes with tequila and water to make a SF margarita) and want to try it. Have a great weekend all!