Thursday, May 31, 2007

Charlie loves me

Look at her favorite spot!

Another day...

Yes, I am a slave to my scale. I admit it! I weigh nearly every morning. Some say not to do that, I am in the other crowd. I feel that is the best way to see how my daily food choices affect me. I can see right away how not drinking enough water or eating too much pasta affects my body. This morning I weighed again, as usual. Could you hear me holler in Germany, D? 189.6 baby! I have officially broken thru the 190s! Now I am fairly certain the S'mores I plan to eat Saturday night will change things a bit, but for now I am ecstatic! If I can get it down a little more before then, well I may not change as much.

Anyway, back to other things!

Last night I made the sausage and peppers for dinner. It really was delicious! Would have been even better with rice, so we'll do that next time. All I did was grill the sausages (Italian) and then "submerge" them in my baking dish full of chunked red and green pepper, onion, and a large can of diced tomatoes seasoned with fresh oregano and basil. Heck, I even forgot the garlic! Needless to say, it was very good eats along with broccoli! Unfortunately the picture looks terrible, so I'll not post it this time.
Lunch yesterday was not what I had planned. I had to go it to work and didn't bring the leftover veggies with me. Joe forgot my soup, so all I ate was a small bag of apple slices. My breakfast was eaten pretty late tho, so I really wasn't overly hungry until dinner.
For my snack last night, I ate some mixed nuts, the leftover sweet potatoes with a little FF sourcream, and some grapes. Sounds like a lot, but really it wasn't.
So I am starting today as every other day, omelet with 2 cups veggies, ham, and cheese. Not sure what lunch will be. Dinner tonight is grilled shrimp- probably with a cajun seasoning- and green beans or cauliflower.

Last night we went out to look at the garden. Our second planting of carrots is up, as are the second radishes. We pulled several of the first radishes and will be taking them Saturday. I have blossoms all over my tomato plants, some even have a few mini fruits. I am curious to see what the "Red October" tomatoes look like since their blossoms are double! My broccoli plants are all leaf and no veg yet, trying to figure that out. I have one blossom on one of my eggplants, and the cukes are getting bigger (have two that are about 7 inches now, tho they will get up closer to 16 inches long and about 8 inches around!) as well as the zucchini plants. My early butternut squash plants are getting very bushy, and I saw some pre-blossoms. The cantaloupe plants are finally growing too! This year I am even trying artichokes! They had one at a greenhouse we went to, and the lady said they were very tasty. They are not suposed to be tolerant of winters this far north, but she said if I can have several other annuals come back year after year then these definitely have a shot! My one plant (all they had left) is getting very big, I am ready for it to send up a stalk. Also my sweet potatoes are looking quite happy in the spopt Joe planted them. Looking forward to those this fall! The onions are actually growing this year, we have never had them do this weel. Come fall I will have tons of sweet yellow onions! All in all, this year's garden seems very happy so I anticipate a very good haul! Wish all of you were closer so we could share in it.

Off to make a million phone calls. The big bossman has me calling about 200 people to remind them about the convention this July, and we aren't even going! I would love to see New Orleans...

Have a great day, all!