Friday, June 01, 2007


The shrimp last night were pretty good! I hate cooking them on the grill tho, I never know when they are done and usually end up overcooking them. Not last night tho, I did good! I skewered all of them, then sprinkled some with unsweetened coconut and some with cajun seasoning (paprika, thyme, oregano, cayenne, garlic & onion powders, salt, and pepper). The cajun were the best of course, coconut shrimp doesn't work well without real breading. We ate them with cheesy cauliflower and I finished the broccolini from the other night.
Lunch yesterday consisted of a container of yogurt and then a strawberry-banana smoothie after walking/bike riding. I tried jumping on the trampoline with Sam, but my legs were just too tired!
I did have a snack last night- more nuts, some grapes, and a hard-boiled egg. I also did a terrible job with my water yesterday, only had three of my five huge cups (22 oz each). I will do better today!
Today's food will be-
For breakfast I didn't feel like going thru the hassle of making my omelet. Instead I sauteed the shrooms and onions, put them onto a thick slice of ham and nuked that while frying two eggs OM. I put those on top and topped them with shredded cheese. OH MAN! I may switch to that from now on...
Lunch will be probably a small salad with grape tomatoes, cukes, and shredded carrots.
Dinner is going to be grilled chicken wings (yeahyeahyeah, not overly SB, but we love them!) and green beans.

We were up most of the night last night with pretty strong storms. Monsoonal downpour lasted at least an hour, with constant thunder loud and strong enough to shake the house and keep Joe and I awake. I bet we got at least 2 inches of rain! I can only imagine how happy the garden is right now, but there is more rain on the way this afteroon. Gonna make for some REALLY muddy camping tomorrow! Good thing I packed extra clothes... :)

I got some of my bazillion calls done yesterday. I did come up against a couple people who were, shall we say, less than nice? One woman went so far as to yell at me that she didn't like our boss and wanted me to make sure I never called again! MEOW! This was offset by the one woman who thanked me for calling, and she was so excited about the convention I was calling about. She was very pleasant, and I should have gotten her email address to write her and thank her for being so sweet to me! Why couldn't they all be like that? I mean, is it THAT hard to be nice to people? Granted, I WAS a little rude to the anti-abortion telemarketing/fundraiser guy who called here the other night, but come on! He was asking for it! teeheehee!
Off to call more grumpy people! Good thing I'm getting paid, huh?