Monday, February 04, 2008

Go GIANTS!!!!!

Well by last night (5pm or so) I was feeling much better so I ate. And ate. And ate... Of course, what I ate was two things of cuppa noodle, part of that baked sweet potato (it wasn't great) and a bowl of beef broth with rice. That was awesome too, so delish. I started feeling feverish later on (major chills) and even tea wouldn't work. Thank goodness for hot pads and hubbys who will get up and heat them for you! Needles to say, when I weighed this morning I was happy that I was still down- 195 even to be exact. Not as good as the original 4 pound loss, but much healthier!
Today I woke feeling very good considering how crappy (ha!) the last two days had been. I ate a little ciabatta loaf toasted and topped with two fried eggs (I said I felt better!)- really good! I didn't get a real lunch today since I was busy, so this afternoon I was awful and ate a pretzel from Subway while doing my grocery shopping. Tonight is stuffed cabbage rolls.
This morning I discovered the automated payroll system we use had 'dropped' one of our stores from the latest processing! I spent about 2 hours this morning trying to get them to understand I just needed those nine employee's checks, not a whole new run of the entire 98. Thankfully I finally got ahold of someone who had drank enough coffee to understand my dilemma. The checks are in the mail.
The realtors came this morning. They think we should leave the landing in the entry alone and not worry about tiling it. They really liked the beautiful red dining room and agreed that the color in the living room is fine. Basically, they say to leave it alone and hope for a sale. In this market, I'm taking all the good thoughts I can get! We got a decent price too, tho a bit lower than I had hoped. Joe is happy with it, but I think if this house was in town it would be a lot higher. I suppose I would never be happy with the price just thinking about all we done to this house. Now we just need to find buyers!
Pretty much it for my day. Hope tomorrow is less hectic!