Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chicken and Asparagus Sandwich with Spinach and Tomato

This is my redo for the most recent 5:4 challenge. I wasn't pleased with the sauce from the other one! This turned out very delicious, I highly recommend it! I must tell you, this recipe was entirely my hubby Joe's idea! He hates to cook, but "makes" a killer sandwich!

Chicken and Asparagus Sandwich with Spinach and Tomato P2

1 boneless, skinless chicken thigh
2 tbsp Newman's Own Olive Oil and Vinegar Dressing
asparagus spears
baby spinach leaves
2 slices multigrain bread
dijon mustard
garlic clove
sliced tomato

Marinate the chicken in the dressing for about 6 hours. Drain chicken and place on broiler pan. Broil 2 inches from heat for 5 minutes, then flip. Add the asparagus to the broiler pan and continue broiling 10 minutes more, turning the asparagus every few minutes.
Toast the bread and rub a cut garlic clove over the warm slices. Spread with dijon mustard.
Slice the chicken into thin slices and layer on the bread with the asparagus, spinach, and tomato slices. Top with the other slice and EAT!!!