Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ladies Night- With Food PICS!

MAN! That was fun! There were six of us total- worked out perfectly since I had six settings and wine glasses. Everyone brought at least one bottle of wine, and Tiff brought my new fave- Menage A Trios Red! Ok, so hubby Mike bought it (scoutmaster who owed me one!) but it counts! There were two people there I had never met before, one had not met any of us but the sister-in-law she brought. We all got along famously and had loads to talk about. Really, it was wonderful!
The food was fabulous, if I do say so (tho they all said it too!).
I made the fondue- great with a stale crusty French loaf. Didn't get a pic of that.
The Basil-Prosciutto Cheese Log was delish with Kashi Crackers- it was devoured!
The Onion and Brie Pizza was amazing too, I will make that one whenever given the chance. Obviously it was enjoyed thoroughly!
I must say tho the best (lightest and most refreshing too) appetizer was Laurie's Stuffed Shells Ensalata.
You really MUST buy her cookbook! I passed my copy around to all, I know of at least one who will definitely buy one.
One of my guests brought me a birthday present- she and I have not really gotten to know eachother and yet she brought me a cookbook! I am making one of the side dishes tonight, it's a cauliflower and corn scalloped dish with a crunchy topping. It looks fabulous and I haven't even put it in the oven yet! Some good recipes in there, can't wait to try them...

Well Joe was out burning leaves this afternoon and couldn't find his glasses when he was done. They had fallen out of his shirt pocket and I inadvertently tossed them with a jumble of leaves into the fire! He's very upset- more at himself for having them in his shirt than at me. He rushed into town to the Walmart Vision Center (this will be the 6th pair of glasses purchased there in 2 years for this household!) just a bit ago, but his new glasses won't be in until at least Thursday. He has a meeting out of town tomorrow too... Unfortunately he really has only his sunglasses now, bad deal.
Been a bad month. I went to the dentist last week with a pain in my tooth. I've been having this pain for 5 years, but this time the Xray actually showed a crack. They did a temporary fix on it, but I have to go in December 6th for a crown. I offered to cancel my birthday pampering, but Joe said not to. I think now I will tho with the new glasses and all. Something good is going to come eventually, right?