Thursday, January 17, 2008


So much for being able to post more again, huh? Joe didn't think my working hours would change much, but here we are two weeks into the new companies and I have doubled my hours! I'm not really complaining tho, think of the nice paychecks and such. The only really hard part is when there are new employees in Topeka and I can't enter them into the system without having to call that office and have Anne fax everything to me. Eventually that will be better after we move, tho we are keeping this office here for awhile (thank goodness!).
Joe and I have still been doing our best to eat better and workout more. He has had a hard time since he is already getting up an hour earlier to get to work and getting home an hour later usually. Still doing his best tho! I have discovered that I feel much more able to finish my programmed workout if I do it right after Sam and I get home. Not that there's a real option to do it in the morning. Either way, I am getting to where I feel I can up the level I am doing, so hope that by March or so I can do maybe the 40-45 minute ones! As is I am doing the 25 minute weightloss workout most of the time- but now without stopping in the middle! Joe found out it is easier to do longer if you are watching TV instead of just listening to the iPod or something. He watches news and listens to music, I try to find a sitcom like Friends or Sienfeld. We have also started watching The Biggest Loser. There was a marathon one day and we watched while working out and found it very motivational! This made us watch the new season premiere, and we are actually learning from it! Since Christmas he has lost 6 pounds and I have lost 5. Not huge numbers, but we have also had two or three meals that were quite unacceptable... Joe's Crab Shack is EVIL!!!
Househunting is going... Joe found our dream home last weekend- it's a real true log cabin! Gorgeous inside and out, it even has a hot tub under the deck. A bit higher priced than we were thinking, but Joe wasn't really counting on my checks being any bigger than they were so there's room there. There are a few others as well- one on the top of a hill overlooking the Flint Hills! Too bad Joe is still adamant about waiting. I think we'll have our realtor here look at the house in a week or so. It really can't hurt to list it this soon.
Better finish a few last things before I pick Sam up. If ya don't 'hear' from me for a bit you know why!