Monday, November 12, 2007

Long time no post, eh?

Yeah, I know it's been ages. Sorry. Been super busy with work and school and scouts... Besides, I can't really write about what I WANT to write about, so it's hard for me to want to write anything at all!

Well here's what's been up the last month or so-

Scouts is keeping me really busy. I was in charge of popcorn sales and we just finished that and got the corn out to deliver. I am still waiting for the prizes to arrive- Sam sold enough to get the bow-and-arrow. Can you tell I'm a bit scared? The boys walked in the Veteran's Day parade Saturday. I know it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but Emporia is the town where Veteran's Day was started so it does hold some special meaning! We have the Christmas parade in two weeks, seems so soon! I have already told the others I will not be as active after January tho.

I've been working a lot more lately. Joe has been extra busy with the stuff I can't talk about so I am taking up more work to ease that- plus I have to earn the "Promotions" title! Starting the 19th we're joining a promotion with a local gym- Emporia's Biggest Loser. Obvious choice right?! We also started using a new payroll system about 3 weeks ago. It's the same company we had been using, but now we're in the bigtime. Some aspects are super-cool, others are something of a pain. Either way, it's a better fit for our-sized company.

Joe's mom was here this past weekend, so we got to run away for a few hours Saturday. We went to Topeka and goofed around at the mall and Barnes & Noble, then went to Olive Garden. No, we did not behave and NO, I don't feel at all bad about it! Kate and her hubby Dave are coming for Thanksgiving this year- Dave hasn't seen the bedroom yet! I'm making a couple of new items for the dinner table this time, but nothing too weird. I think he's really going to like the mashed root veggies I'm making instead of plain mashed potatoes!

I'm having a Ladies Night this Saturday. I wanted to do something like that for my birthday this year and I'm very excited! Most of those I invited are unable to come, but a few that are will be bringing other friends. This is strictly a 'forget you're married/pregnant/a mom and come have wine and hors d'oeuvres with the gals' night! No responsibility other than bringing a bottle of wine! I am making some semi-fancy nibbles and desserts to have- Cider Cheese Fondue, a Prosciutto and Basil Cheese Ball, Onion Brie Pizza, and fall-type desserts of Apple Cranberry Crisp and Pumpkin Flan. It's my excuse to cook fun things I would not usually make and spend an evening relaxing with friends! I'm SO excited!

Well I thought I'd throw this in here too. Today there wasn't any school, so Sam has been pretty bored. He was telling me this morning he really wanted to make pancakes for breakfast, but I was just too tired. We did it for lunch instead! In order for it to count toward a scout requirement, he had to do everything- mix the batter, cook/flip the cakes, and clean up afterwards. Tell you what- they were pretty darn good pancakes! Here's the pics of Chef Sam and his first fully prepared-on-his-own meal!

I have been making a lot of food from Laurie's cookbook lately. Joe and I now have a couple of new favorite soups! Her Creamy Cabbage Soup and her Cauliflower Soup are both delish! The last time I made the cabbage one I added a small diced potato to the broth and mashed it up once it was really tender to sort of thicken it all. MAN O MAN! LOVE THEM, L!~ You can buy her book here.

Off to clean some. Have to make the house fabulous for Saturday!