Monday, June 04, 2007


Camping was a blast! It was just the one other family and us, so it was very nice. Not too many people, and we all got along great! Sam and their son had a ton of fun swimming in the lake, fishing with the dads, and trying to avoid the poison ivy. It was really nice to go and see him have fun, and for me to be around another mom to talk to! hahaha! We had a huge meal Saturday night of beanie weenies, smoked sausages, roasted veggies, and lots of chatting. After dinner we roasted marshmallows and of course made S'mores. All the kids had a blast, and so did we! Even Joe was cool with spending half of Saturday without a shower! He agreed to go again this summer, so that's progress. Neither one of us got much sleep. The site was pretty quiet (the surrounding people didn't keep partying) except for the coyotes howling and the wind blowing 20 MPH. All in all, it was a huge success!
I did a pretty darn good job staying on-target foodwise. I did eat several marshmallows, but how do you not when they are black and gooey?! I ate some new potatoes and baked beans, but that's not horrible. Yesterday we had quite a few grains, so today we are backing off a bit. Joe actually LOST weight over the weekend? How is that even possible???
So today's food has been-
Breakfast- slice of ham topped with veggies, two OM eggs, and cheese
Lunch- lemon yogurt (the Weight Watchers stuff is good!), roast beef, cuke salad
Dinner- will be riblets with corn on the cob (yeah, I LIKE IT, sue me!)
For my snack tonight I will probably have an apple and maybe some carrots.
Here are a couple pics from this weekend! Joe caught a big catfish and Sam helped his friend bring in a big walleye! We didn't keep any of the fish they caught tho.