Sunday, February 03, 2008


Do you know how hard it is to find time to blog when I can barely find time to exercise?
Thursday was a bad food day. For some reason I had no desire for breakfast, so I just drank my half-pot of bean and went to work. There's a new restaurant in Emporia called's Diner. It's pasties and such. We decided to try it since Joe stayed in town for an interview he was doing later that day. The food was not great, no flavor actually. I can say the homemade fries were good tho. Then that night was scout night and Gambino's pizza night. Joe and I split a medium taco pizza (there was a time we'd have split a large!). Again, not the best for us, but so damn good!
Friday was another can't-bear-to-eat-breakfast day, tho I did eat a string cheese. I went to Topeka to go thru files (which never really happened), so I ate a roast beef salad from one of the stores. They don't have carrots or the seafood and crab up there! That has GOT to change!!!! Then for dinner we had pork and bean burritos again. Later that night I had an apple and pear 'crisp' with some CoolWhip. I did do a 20minute workout on the elliptical, a tougher one than usual.
Saturday was a bad day. I ate well, for the most part. It was my stomach that was bad. When I woke up my stomach was pretty crabby. I even had to sit a minute while making our pancakes (WG, yes). After that I was pretty much chained to a bathroom most of the day. I made paninis for lunch with roasted chicken, provolone, tomatoes, sprouts, pepperoncinis, roasted peppers. For dinner I made baked spaghetti- basically it was lasagna with spaghetti instead of lasagna noodles. For dessert I made a baked pear. By the time we went to bed I felt so sick. I was up half the night and got almost no sleep when I did get to stay in bed.
I felt crappy this morning too, but have not had anywhere near the problems of yesterday. No pukiness thank goodness! I ate some oatmeal for breakfast and tried to help clean the house. I went back to bed at 1pm and slept for an hour or so. I do feel better a bit, had some cuppa noodle when I woke up. I plan to eat a baked sweet potato for dinner if my stomach is still okay then. The one good thing about this weekend- I lost four pounds yesterday! HAHAHA, tho I really did.
Joe got the new stairs on today, wish I could have helped him. The realtors are coming tomorrow to do their appraisal of the house so we can get a better idea what they want to ask. I'm just so ready to get this over with. The selling, the moving, all of it. I like househunting, but the rest is no fun!
I'm off to make some tea.