Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Been missing me? Yeah, right!

Ha! I just realized I haven't posted in a couple days. Been very busy with those phone calls and my other work. Today was payroll, so it was a long day anyway!
I have been very happy with weigh-in the last two days. I was nervous after the marshmallows, but as of this morning I am back to 189.6! Funny how that seems to be a magic number? So I fully expect next week to be even better. I have been holding myself to one serving of grain- if any- for well over a week and have seen tremendous results. I do not intend to change that much for the time being.
Last night I made a great dinner! We adore pasta (one of the reasons we have some trouble sometimes), and I love to make homemade sauce. Last night I did one that was fabulous, and with a little bit of pasta it made a nice two-night meal! Here's what I did:
Browned 12 oz ground round with one half of an onion chopped and one zucchini chopped. Then add in one large and one regular can of diced tomatoes and Italian seasoning (I have one called simply "marinara seasoning"). I simmered it for about 15 minutes while the pasta cooked and drained, then tossed it with 6oz of pasta (measured before cooking of course). I layered half in a large baking dish and topped it with a container of skim ricotta and some mixed Italian cheese, then put the rest of the pasta mix on top and some more cheese. I baked it for about 30 minutes until it was browned and bubbly. I did forget to take a pic (surprised?), but I can tell you it was delish! We ate half of it last night and finished it tonight. I really was good!
Tomorrow night we're having Sloppy Joe's I think, or maybe fish. I can't remember! I can't promise I will photo it, but I wish I could remember to!
So this weekend we are taking Sam fishing again. He is very happy! He's been taking swimming lessons all week and has then again next week. I am glad he's having fun there too. Monday night his friend's mom called to see if Sam could come over Tuesday and play. He did- all day no less!- and I took him back today. The friend has a big sister who is 20 and she watches him all day. I "hired" her to watch Sam today so I could work. It worked wonderfully! I got to work and give it my full attention, and he got to play with his friend all day. Sounds like a great set-up to me! I have more work to do tomorrow, but can do all of it from home. Every payroll week tho... I think he's got a place to go!
I need to order a new swimsuit soon. My old one is still in great condition, but I have lost way too much to wear it comfortably! I want to get a tankini, and can buy the bottoms somewhere like Walmart (don't plan on needing the same size next year!), but the top is a different story. Those of you who know me know WHY I can't buy tops from just anywhere! GGGGGGGoodness knows! (teeheehee!) Anyway, I have found a great top- one made from chlorine-resistant material- but it's $70! JUST FOR THE TOP!!! Of course, that part of my body doesn't really seem to be changing much, or at least enough that I'll need another top in the next several years (unless the magic reduction-fairy pays me a visit...). Now it's just going to take some effort on my part to convince Joe I really need this one and not the $50 one. I called the company and the lady said the more expensive one is much better support, so that should be enough to do the trick. Wish me luck!
Off to spend time with Joe! Good night!