Monday, July 16, 2007

Office Pics part 2

We are in the upstairs area of the Farm and Home Real Estate officees. In the basement there are two small radio stations, on the main floor there is a temp service and also a massage therapist!! It's a guy, never seen one of those before. We have a separate entrace on the side and the stairs go straight to our door area. Down the hall from our office are two nice bathrooms and a kitchenette. There is also a "living room"-type area there with a sofa, chairs, and a stereo. It's so nice!!! No spiders or kids running around, very quiet and clean. Obviously we need some pictures on the walls! We're also told the breeze that comes in with our big windows is wonderful, so we're looking forward to fall! We even have our own thermostat!!!
This is the corner in the back office where we'll store stuff, and another small window-

This is my side of the desk, and the second big window. We have hanging planters for this room.

This is the view of the front office from the back office.

Office Pics!!!

Went there today to return my work to it's "home" and took these pics. Sam HAD to be in them! I'll make two posts for all of the pics.
This is as you walk in the front doors-

The right side of the front room, where I want to put my own desk eventually. Nice big window that does open! Facing this way the front doors would be behind you.

The left side of the front room where the file cabinet is. The two doors are offices being used by others, and in the tiny corner there is a closet. It's still full of the previous renter's stuff, but that will be moved out soon.

Walking into the back office-

The monster desk system!

Long week...

We are moved in! The office is fabulous. We got a lot of stuff moved over Thursday, and then Friday the bossman, his brother, and his two nephews came and helped move the big stuff- like the 500 pound desk. We got it all set up by 7:30 Friday night. By then it was too late to go home and cook so I just grabbed Wheat State and brought that home. Yesterday we bought some plants to go in there since there are two big windows and two smaller ones. I will try to remember to photo it when I go in today.
Sam was fine at his appointment, tho did flip out when it came time for his shot. He cried and whined, then she gave him a coupon for a free cone at McD's. Guess that makes it all better? This marked the first time since his birth that his weight was more than his height. Not by much tho! He is now 49 3/4 inches tall and weighs 50 1/4 pounds. Like I said, not by much. Growing like a weed and twice as stubborn!
Have been getting lots of tomatoes. The roma/canners are ripening well, and I got two of the heirloom slicers this weekend. They are the 'German Johnson' variety, and man are they good! A pink tom with the sweet heirloom flavor, few seeds, and so juicy! There are several more out there, but I'm waiting for the 'Mr. Stripey' toms to ripen- those are extraordinary! Killer sliced and salted. The little orange/pink/yellow ones that I bought thinking they were 'Green Zebras' are fabulous too. Wish I knew what they were for next year! I took several over to the neighbor across the street last night. Her hubby is in Iraq... Anything I can do to make her feel welcome.
Picked a butternut the other night and grilled it along with the chicken. Would have been good too, if it had cooked all the way. Could have used another 15 minutes. I have plenty to "experiment" with! The melons are about ready too, just another couple days should do it. They are putting on several new fruits too, so it won't just be an eat-the-fruit-quickly thing. We'll have a whole other batch! The jalapenos are still growing wild. I have three quart bags full, have canned a pint already, and will stuff them tonight and tomorrow. We're even giving some to the bossman! The zuke plant is toast. Whatever was getting at it won. Luckily the eggplants that are right next to it are completely untouched. The cukes are putting on another batch too, tho it will be a couple weeks for those. I did try those pickles I made- not bad! It's wild, they are sweet, tangy, sour, and spicy all at the same time!
The guest room is looking good! The walls and ceiling are painted, we got the closet doors installed, the ledge on the wall is stained and waiting to be put in. Honestly the biggest thing now is the tiling. We bought the rest of the tile yesterday, and decided it would be cheaper to buy a tile saw than rent one. Basically, we blew a ton of money at the home store yesterday! The room has become a little more expensive than we had hoped, but not by much. It's going to look so nice! I keep telling Joe we may end up wanting to make that OUR bedroom!
Well off to take the last of my work stuff to the office and then go grocery shopping. We leave Friday for St. Louis so the list is very small. I do plan to get some good snacks to eat along the way!