Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're baaack!

We're back and settled. We only got to do about half of the things we wanted to, there just wasn't time! We got to the Art Museum and saw the mummy exhibit and the Napoleon exhibit. We happened to be there Friday night when they had free entrance to Napoleon and were staying open extra late. Convenient! There was some really amazing stuff to see, and we didn't even see everything. After that, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe at Union Station for dinner. Best burger I have ever had! We had this fabulous waiter- looked a bit like Talking Heads front man David Byrne from 20 years ago. He set us up with a free set of their collector glasses just because Joe didn't complain about the guacamole on his burger! He also brought Sam free french fries when he was disappointed with his mac and cheese. It was a great place! After dinner Joe and Sam rode the paddle boats around the pond in the Station and we walked around for a bit.
The hotel was nice, great for the price. It was very old, and needing redecorating not more covering-up. Nice people tho. And no, Joe didn't want to use the free limo service. I made him promise that we would next time we went anywhere that offered it tho!
Saturday morning we ate breakfast outside at a creperie before heading to the Zoo. We spent over four hours there. We went and had lunch at the Science Center before walking around there most of the afternoon. There was a walkway over the highway that we could use radar guns to see how fast people were driving! Very freaky! After that we went back to the hotel and swam for a little bit- the pool was on a second floor terrace! We went back to Union Station for dinner, this time to a New Orleans-style seafood place called Landry's. Great food there too! We walked around the Station for awhile, played 3-D mini golf (pretty lame actually), bought some fudge and crazy-good chocolates, did some shopping, and walked off dinner.
Sunday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel (ever had Amaretto French Toast?) and went downtown to see Busch Stadium and my grandparent's brick. Thanks to direction from Dad and my cousin Mike we found it no problem! It was a very tearful moment. They have a bust of Jack Buck doing (with full sound!) many famous broadcasts and it made me think of Grandma and Grandpa even more. They would have loved everything we saw! Then we went to the Arch. Sam had been bugging us since we hit town Friday night about going! We went under it to the museum and store, but did NOT go up in it. I don't do heights and Joe doesn't do enclosed spaces. It's funny tho, I teased Joe for hours afterwards about not taking Sam up and then later in the day we found out about the power outage they had Saturday night causing about 200 people to be stuck for several hours at the top and in the trams. I can't tease him anymore!
All in all, I ate somewhat badly, but feel I should have walked off every little bit of it! I think we probably walked about 5-7 miles everyday at least! We did see several things we'd like to go back and do, but childless. We never made it to the Botanical Gardens, the Anhueser-Busch Brewery, or any of the wineries along the way.
Joe asked me where I thought we should go next. We had both been thinking about Chicago! Gonna have to make that a longer trip tho- can't see much of Chicago in 3 days. Plus, I say next trip we take the train. I know Joe really likes having his car, but there are so many other ways to get around without all the hassle of paying EVERY TIME you want to park!!!
When we got home, there was a ripe cantaloupe and TONS of tomatoes. I picked two Germans that were 1.25 pounds EACH!!! We ate the whole cantaloupe last night- man was that good. I have tons of canning to do this week with the tomatoes and cukes I got yesterday. Got slicer toms too tho, lots of Germans and several Stripeys. Good eats!
Off to go grocery shopping then back here to try and finish Harry Potter!