Saturday, March 01, 2008

New camera!

We bought a new camera this week. We got our Staples Rewards check and decided we could get one for almost half-price! It's a Canon PowerShot SD750 and it'a FABULOUS!!! It's so crisp and beautiful. Sam was of course thrilled- we gave him our old one.
Here's my first post with the new cam's pics. I made our fave Olive Garden Toscana soup for dinner, so decided foccacia would go perfectly. Here's the bread, topped nicely with onions, olive oil, and Italian herbs-
Here is the link to my post/recipe for the bread- Foccacia
The best part about the new cam will be using it while househunting. The other one was so big and bulky, it was a pain to carry it around. This one fits nicely into a cellphone case, so it can clip right onto my pants!
I can't wait to take beautiful vacation pictures, and of course new home pics! Keep the good selling-our-house thoughts coming!
Off to eat dinner!

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Nau-Dee said...

your camera sounds great. it looks like it takes really nice shots. sam has a really good eye too so getting your old camera will improve his skills i'm sure. bet he was way thrilled to get it too.

the bread looks wonderful and I have to add that I really miss you. Hugs to you all!!!!!