Sunday, March 23, 2008

House babble

Of course nothing new to report with our house. The paper had a real estate guide in it this last Friday, and both our neighbors and the paper delivery man said they saw us in it. The paper guy even came by yesterday to bring us a free copy since so we could see it! I'm hoping tons of others saw us in there too...
I scheduled an Open House for April 27th. The realtor said she didn't want us to be disappointed, so I had to push her into doing one. Sad we have another 3 months in the contract with her. Before the OH, we may do a few things around here. Yesterday we took down Sam"s bunk beds and took the full-size to the storage unit. He's still got the twin in there, and it really helped open his room up a lot! Looks so big in there now. Our bedroom is probably next. Joe has been wanting to paint over our floral wallpaper since the day we moved in, so I think we'll do it. It really should take just a weekend, not a huge room and not any other issues to address. Lastly, the front door is ugly. We would buy a new one if we were staying. I'm thinking if we painted it we could really make it look nice. I'm not one for painted doors, but if we used the red trim paint from the outside of the house it would really stand out and I think look quite nice! We already have the paint, so it would also save us money. We'll see!
That's pretty much it to report for now. Send your good karma our way!

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Mags said...

good karma coming your way.

selling a house is like the most humiliating thing ever.. what you've put your life and loves into, the buying world doesn't see the same.

good luck on selling!